Workshop on Geometry of Differential Equations and Integrability

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11-15 October 2010, Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic

Workshop Photography


Organizing Committee

Joseph Krasil'shchik (Chairman), Michal Marvan, Artur Sergyeyev, and Alexander Verbovetsky

Local Organizers

The local organizers are Hynek Baran, Jiřina Böhmová, Michal Marvan, and Artur Sergyeyev. To contact them, call the mobile phone number 604 868 985 or send an SMS. The country code is 420. The phone will operate between the morning of Sunday Oct. 10 and the evening of Saturday Oct. 16.


  • Geometry of integrable systems
  • Homological and algebraic methods in geometry of differential equations
  • Nonlocal geometry of differential equations and zero curvature representations
  • Hamiltonian and Lagrangian formalism
  • Computer methods in geometry of differential equations

Participants and Talks

All abstracts of talks in one pdf file.

Workshop Location

Riot of colors of autumn leaves

The workshop will be held at Hotel Sonáta in Hradec nad Moravicí near Opava, Czech Republic.

Hradec nad Moravicí is a small town and a castle at the gate to the Moravice valley. In mid-October, maples, oaks, beeches, cherry and lime trees glow in all tones of yellow and purple, shedding their leaves. This is usually the best time to watch the colours of autumn in the castle park and the valley.

Cultural programme
  • On Wednesday Oct. 13 at 18 p.m., Pavel Haas Quartet will perform string quartets by C. Debussy and M. Ravel at St. Petr and Pavel Church. The cost is 50 Kč.
  • On Thursday Oct. 14 at 16 p.m., a guided tour of the castle is available. The cost is around 180 Kč. Visiting the park is free.

Conditions of Participation

The workshop capacity is strictly limited because of the small size of the available lecture room. On that account, participation without a talk will not be permitted. There is no tight limit for the number of accompanying persons.

To request participation in this workshop, write to Michal Marvan. Late cancellation may be charged to the participant.


Downloadable programme and abstracts are available. Lectures are 45 minutes long, followed by combined discussion/tea/coffee breaks.

A farewell party is planned for the evening of Friday, Oct. 15.


A blackboard, an interactive pen display (Sympodium), and a beamer will be available. Speakers can bring their presentations on usb sticks (preferably pdf files), send them by e-mail, or connect their own notebook to the beamer.

An overhead projector will be available upon request.

Internet (WiFi) is accessible from the first two floors of the hotel.


No proceedings are planned.

Conference Costs

There is no conference fee, but the participants must cover all the other expenses. We regret that no financial support is available for this event.

The prices per person per night (bed and meals package) are:

half board full board
single occupancy 1170 Kč 1350 Kč
double occupancy 805 Kč 985 Kč

Half board includes breakfasts and lunches. Full board includes breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Nearby restaurants and cafés are waiting for you to try.

The hotel accepts all credit cards except American Express.


The local currency is koruna, abbreviated as CZK or Kč. The exchange rates at the time of this writing are roughly as follows: 1 EUR = 26 Kč, 1 USD = 21 Kč.

An authorized exchange booth is called Směnárna. Euros are accepted in international trains and ticket offices at many railway stations. The exchange rate is reasonable, but keep in mind that you will always get the change in Kč.


The Czech Republic is a part of the Schengen area, and to enter it you typically need a valid Schengen visa unless you are a citizen of the European Union or of one of the visa-exempt countries. In order to apply for a visa you may need inter alia a formal invitation letter from the organizers (see Invitation Letter). It is strongly recommended that you apply for a visa well in advance; the average processing time may considerably vary depending on the embassy or consulate you apply to.

Further particulars including the list of the visa-exempt countries can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic.

Invitation Letter

Should you need a formal invitation letter in order to apply for a travel grant and/or for a visa, please contact Michal Marvan . Unfortunately, such an invitation cannot entail any financial support whatsoever from the Organizing Committee.



The arrival day is Monday October 11, the departure day is Saturday October 16.

Hradec nad Moravicí can be reasonably easily reached by public transport.

By air

  • via Ostrava. Letiště Ostrava-Mošnov is the nearest airport with regular flights from/to Prague and Vienna; both take about one hour. There usually are four flights from Prague and four from Vienna on working days and three from Prague and none from Vienna on weekends. Unfortunately, in October there is no reasonably convenient public transport from/to the Ostrava-Mošnov airport. An affordable option is to rent an Airport Shuttle. A journey to Hradec nad Moravicí costs around 800 Kč (30 EUR) for up to four persons and around 1000 Kč (40 EUR) for up to eight persons. The Airport Shuttles should be reserved in advance, and the organizers can make a such reservation for you upon request.
  • via Vienna. To get from the Vienna International Airport to the Wien Westbahnhof or the Wien Südbahnhof railway stations you can use the public transport (e.g., the S-Bahn), possibly in combination with the CAT train, or the Vienna Airport Lines (Postbus). For further details see the website of the Vienna airport. For continuation see By train.

By train

The nearest stop of international trains is nádraží Ostrava-Svinov. This is the first stop in Ostrava for trains arriving from Prague and Vienna, and the second one for trains arriving from Warsaw.

To search for the specific connections you can use the German Deutsche Bahn server or the Czech Jízdní řády server (look for the UK flag to switch to English).

At the main railway stations, including Ostrava Svinov and Opava Východ, tickets can be paid for in Euros (see Currency above).

  • From the Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží) to Ostrava-Svinov, there is a direct train of the category SC (SuperCity) or EC/IC (EuroCity and InterCity) roughly once an hour. A ticket for the SC train Pendolino costs 632 Kč (this includes a mandatory seat reservation); the trip takes about three hours. A ticket for the EC/IC trains costs 432 Kč (no reservation is required); the trip takes about four hours. The prices given above are valid at the time of this writing.
  • Due to ongoing reconstructions, trains from Vienna to Ostrava-Svinov mostly depart from the Wien Westbahnhof station. There is a couple of direct EC trains a day, or you can change in Břeclav or Brno (note that some trains going to Břeclav depart from the Wien Südbahnhof station). The trip usually takes from four to five hours depending on your connection.
  • From Warsaw to Ostrava-Svinov. The trip by a direct EC train, which you can board at the Warszawa Centralna (recommended) or Warszawa Wschodnia stations, usually takes from four to five hours. This is also the recommended option for the participants who decided to go from Russia by train (the direct train Moscow-Prague stops in Ostrava late at night offering no convenient continuation until several hours later.) On the way back, the direct train to Moscow departs from Ostrava-Svinov after midnight. The transport to the railway station Ostrava-Svinov can be arranged upon request.
  • From Ostrava-Svinov to Opava východ. The departures after midday are (the destination is shown in parentheses if different from Opava Východ): 12:06 (Olomouc), 12:43, 13:10, 13:43, 14:06 (Jeseník), 14:43, 15:10, 15:43, 16:06 (Olomouc), 16:43, 17:10, 17:43, 18:06 (Jeseník), 18:43, 19:10, 19:43, 20:43. For departures printed in bold there is a continuing local train from Opava Východ to Hradec nad Moravicí.
  • From Opava východ to Hradec nad Moravicí. The departures after midday are: 12:41, 13:41, 14:41, 15:41, 16:41, 17:41, 18:41, 19:41, 20:41. At all other times, feel free to call the organizers or send an SMS to be taken from Opava to Hradec nad Moravicí by car. In the local train from Opava to Hradec nad Moravicí, passengers are expected to stamp their tickets. This is done by inserting the ticket into a small yellow device found in the wagoon. Hradec nad Moravicí is the last stop. The entire trip from Ostrava Svinov to Hradec nad Moravicí takes 45 min. and slightly more in the evening.

In Hradec nad Moravicí, follow the signs to the castle (zámek, approximately 1 km southward, uphill). Close to the castle you will pass Hotel Sonáta on your right. To have your luggage delivered to the hotel or in the case of another difficulty, feel free to call the organizers or send an SMS.

By taxi

Opava taxi stand is located near the railway station in the direction to the centre of the city (westward). If in doubts or if lost or just to save your money, feel free call the organizers or send an SMS to be taken from Opava to Hradec nad Moravicí by car. There is no taxi stand in Hradec nad Moravicí.

By car

From Opava, take route 57. In Hradec nad Moravicí, follow the main drag until you cross the river. Then take the first turn to the right (after approx. 300 m) at a sharp angle. Follow the priority road through the town centre to the castle (the road turns left and up after approx. 200 m). When you see the castle, hotel Sonáta is on you right. Car parking space is abundant.

Some important words in Czech

airport = letiště
railway station = nádraží, vlakové nádraží, vlaková zastávka
platform = nástupiště
track = kolej
departure = odjezd
arrival = příjezd
delay = zpoždění