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The seminar works at the Independent University of Moscow.

The seminar meets on Wednesday evenings at 19:20 MSK in Zoom, meeting ID: 88 17 12 1842.

Some seminars meet offline in room 303 of the Independent University of Moscow, with simultaneous streaming via Zoom.

Talks are usually in English.

To join the seminar's mailing list with updates on the Zoom passcode/access link, speakers, and topics, please send an email to

Seminar Archive

Upcoming and past seminars, Autumn 2021
Date Speaker Talk
5 October 2022* Dmitry Talalaev Category of braided sets, extensions and 2-analogues
12 October 2022* Valentin Lychagin On interplay between jet and information geometries
19 October 2022 Raffaele Vitolo Homogeneous Hamiltonian operators, projective geometry and integrable systems
9 November 2022* Alexei Kushner On the integration of suspension filtration equations and thrombus formation
16 November 2022 Roberto D'Onofrio Monge-Ampère geometry and semigeostrophic equations
23 November 2022 Jean-Pierre Magnot New perspectives for generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchies
30 November 2022* Dmitry Talalaev Zamolodchikov Tetrahedron equation
7 December 2022* Valentin Lychagin On normal forms of differential operators
14 December 2022* One day workshop in honor of Maxim Pavlov's 60th birthday
21 December 2022* Georgy Sharygin Chopping integrals of the full symmetric Toda system, a new approach

 * Offline (with simultaneous streaming via Zoom)