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The seminar is organized by the Independent University of Moscow and Labs 6 and 82 of the Institute of Control Sciences.

The seminar meets on Wednesday evenings at 19:20 MSK in Zoom, meeting ID: 88 17 12 1842.

Some seminars meet offline in room 303 of the Independent University of Moscow, with simultaneous streaming via Zoom.

To join the seminar's mailing list with updates on the Zoom passcode/access link, speakers, and topics, please send an email to

Seminar Archive

Upcoming and past seminars, Autumn 2021
Date Speaker Talk
22 September 2021* Valentin Lychagin On metric invariants of spherical harmonics
6 October 2021 Raffaele Vitolo WDVV equations and invariant bi-Hamiltonian formalism
13 October 2021 Alexei Kotov Riemannian Cartan-Lie algebroids and groupoids and curved Yang-Mills-Higgs models
20 October 2021 Igor Khavkine Triangular decoupling of systems of differential equations, with application to separation of variables on Schwarzschild spacetime
27 October 2021* Oleg Morozov Integrable PDEs and extensions of Lie-Rinehart algebras
3 November 2021* Anna Duyunova

Sergey Tychkov

The Euler system on a space curve
10 November 2021 Eivind Schneider Differential invariants of Kundt spacetimes
17 November 2021 Maxim Grigoriev TBA
24 November 2021 Boris Doubrov TBA
1 December 2021 Eugene Ferapontov TBA
8 December 2021* Hynek Baran

Petr Vojčák

15 December 2021* Sergey Agafonov TBA
22 December 2021 Sergei Igonin TBA

 * Offline (with simultaneous streaming via Zoom)