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The seminar usually meets on Wednesday evenings at 19:20 in room 308 of the Independent University of Moscow. Due to the coronavirus our meetings are suspended.

In April-July 2020 we have a common seminar with Labs 6 and 82 of the Institute of Control Sciences on Mondays at 15:00 MSK in Zoom

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Seminar Archive

Upcoming and past seminars, Spring 2020
Date Speaker Talk
5 February 2020 Konstantin Druzhkov Noether's theorem for diffeties
12 February 2020 Yuri Sachkov Periodic controls in step 2 strictly-convex sub-Finsler problems
4 March 2020 Ian Marshall Action-Angle Duality for a Poisson-Lie Deformation of the Trigonometric Sutherland System
11 March 2020 Georgy Sharygin Full symmetric Toda flows on real Lie groups and Bruhat order
27 April 2020 Michael Roop Shock waves in Euler flows of gases
4 May 2020 Valentin Lychagin On structure of linear differential operators of the first order
11 May 2020 Valery Yumaguzhin Invariants of forth order linear differential operators
18 May 2020 Alexey Samokhin Using the KdV conserved quantities in problems of splitting of initial data and reflection / refraction of solitons in varying dissipation and/or dispersion media
25 May 2020 Sergey Tychkov Continuum mechanics of media with inner structures
1 June 2020 Aleks Kleyn System of differential equations over quaternion algebra
8 June 2020 Irina Bobrova On the second Painlevé equation and its higher analogues
15 June 2020 Hovhannes Khudaverdian Non-linear homomorphisms and thick morphisms
22 June 2020 Oleg Morozov Lax representations via extensions and deformations of Lie symmetry algebras
29 June 2020 Konstantin Druzhkov Extendable symplectic structures and the inverse problem of the calculus of variations for systems of equations written in an extended Kovalevskaya form
6 July 2020 Maxim Grigoriev Presymplectic structures and intrinsic Lagrangians
13 July 2020 Vladimir Rubtsov Polynomial Poisson algebras associated with elliptic curves. Part 1
20 July 2020 Vladimir Rubtsov Polynomial Poisson algebras associated with elliptic curves. Part 2