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The seminar is organized by the Independent University of Moscow and Labs 6 and 82 of the Institute of Control Sciences.

The seminar usually meets on Wednesday evenings at 19:20 MSK in Zoom, meeting ID: 88 17 12 1842.

The seminars on 17 and 31 March, 7 and 21 April, and 12 and 19 May meet offline in room 303 or 304 of the Independent University of Moscow, with simultaneous streaming via Zoom.

To join the seminar's mailing list with updates on the Zoom passcode/access link, speakers, and topics, please send an email to

Seminar Archive

Upcoming and past seminars, Spring 2021
Date Speaker Talk
3 February 2021 Vladimir Chetverikov Coverings and multivector pseudosymmetries of differential equations
10 February 2021 Alexey Samokhin On monotonic pattern in periodic boundary solutions of cylindrical and spherical Kortweg-de Vries-Burgers equations
17 February 2021 Petr Pushkar Morse theory, Bruhat cells and Unitriangular geometry
24 February 2021 Vladimir Sokolov Non-Abelian generalizations of integrable PDEs and ODEs
3 March 2021 Vladimir Rubtsov Real Monge-Ampère operators and (almost) complex structures. Part 2
10 March 2021 Maxim Pavlov New variational principles for one-dimensional gas dynamics and for Egorov hydrodynamic type systems
17 March 2021* Vladislav Zhvick Nonlocal conservation law in a submerged jet
24 March 2021 Anatolij Prykarpatsky On integrability of some Riemann type hydrodynamical systems and Dubrovin integrability classification of perturbed Korteweg-de Vries type equations
31 March 2021* Hovhannes Khudaverdian Odd symplectic geometry in the BV-formalism
7 April 2021* Valentin Lychagin On dynamics of molecular media and generalization of Navier-Stokes equations
14 April 2021 Yuri Sachkov Sub-Riemannian geometry on the group of motions of the plane
21 April 2021* Oleg Morozov Lax representations via twisted extensions of infinite-dimensional Lie algebras: some new results
28 April 2021 Taras Skrypnyk Asymmetric variable separation for the Clebsch model
5 May Eugene Ferapontov Second-order PDEs in 3D with Einstein-Weyl conformal structure
12 May* Georgy Sharygin Operations on universal enveloping algebra and the "argument shift" method
19 May* Anton Zabrodin Kadomtsev-Petviashvili hierarchies of types B and C

 * Offline (with simultaneous streaming via Zoom)