Diffieties, Cohomological Physics, and Other Animals

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Alexandre Vinogradov Memorial Conference

13-17 December 2021, Independent University of Moscow and Moscow State University, Russia


The conference Diffieties, Cohomological Physics, and Other Animals will focus on the topics related to the scientific heritage of A.M. Vinogradov, who passed away on 20 September 2019 at the age of 81, and is dedicated to his memory. These topics are:

  • geometry and algebra of differential equations
  • differential geometry
  • cohomological methods in physics
  • differential structures related to various brackets

The conference is organized by

mccme.pngIndependent University of Moscow

mccme.pngMoscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education

poncelet.pngInterdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet (ISCP)

mexmat.pngFaculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University

simc.pngSteklov International Mathematical Center

mathcenter.pngCenter of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics

unisa.pngUniversity of Salerno


The conference will be held in hybrid format (on-site and online).

The on-site program will take place at the Independent University of Moscow and the Moscow State University.

In addition to 45 and 20 min. talks we will organize a poster session if there will be enough interest.

We also intend to arrange an informal session of memories on one of the Conference evenings.

Program Committee

V. Buchstaber, Y. Kosmann-Schwarzbach, I. Krasil'shchik (Chairman), G. Marmo, V. Maslov, S. Nechaev, V. Rubtsov, J. Stasheff, A. Verbovetsky (Vice Chairman), G. Vilasi, L. Vitagliano, Th. Voronov


V. Furin, I. Krasil'shchik (Vice Chairman), L. Kryukova, V. Podol'skii, A. Shafarevich, A. Sossinsky (Chairman), A. Verbovetsky, M. Vinogradov

For any questions, please email the organizers at amv-conf@gdeq.org.


Conference poster in pdf


To register please email the organizers at amv-conf@gdeq.org.

Please, indicate will you participate in person or online and your affiliation in your letter.

Please note that we ask everybody to register again even if you have done so before in 2020.


  • The deadline for the registration is 15 November, but we encourage early registration.
  • If you need financial support please let us know as soon as possible, but not later than 20 October.
  • If you need a letter of invitation to apply for an entry visa please send us your data as soon as possible.
  • If you plan a talk, please submit its title and abstract not later than 15 November.


Preliminary list (registered till today)

  • Sergey Agafonov (São José do Rio Preto)
    Darboux integrability for diagonal systems of hydrodynamic type, abstract
  • Dmitri Alekseevsky (Moscow)
    Special Vinberg cones and their application to supergravity, abstract
  • Hynek Baran (Opava)
  • Irina Bobrova (Moscow)
  • Alexei Bocharov (Redmond, WA, US), online
  • Diego Catalano Ferraioli (Salvador), online
  • Vladimir Chetverikov (Moscow)
    Coverings and integrable pseudosymmetries of differential equations, abstract
  • Konstantin Druzhkov (Moscow)
  • Evgeny Ferapontov (Loughborough), online
  • Maxim Grigoriev (Moscow)
  • Dimitri Gurevich (Valenciennes)
    q-Analogs of differential operators and their applications, abstract
  • Gerard Helminck (Amsterdam), online
  • Sergei Igonin (Yaroslavl), online
  • Igor Khavkine (Prague)
  • Hovhannes Khudaverdian (Moscow)
  • Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Paris), online
  • Iosif Krasil'shchik (Moscow)
  • Boris Kruglikov (Tromsø), online
  • Andrey Krutov (Moscow)
  • Sergei Lando (Moscow)
  • Valentin Lychagin (Moscow)
  • Giuseppe Marmo (Naples), online
  • Alexander Mikhailov (Leeds)
  • Marco Modugno (Florence), online
  • Oleg Morozov (Kraków)
  • Andrei Pogrebkov (Moscow)
  • Alexey Remizov (Moscow)
    Smooth local normal forms of hyperbolic Roussarie vector fields, abstract
  • Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers), online
  • Alexey Samokhin (Moscow)
  • Georgy Sharygin (Moscow)
  • Ekaterina Shemyakova (Toledo, OH, US), online
  • Jan Slovák (Brno)
  • Alexei Sossinsky (Moscow)
  • Jim Stasheff (Lansdale, PA, US), online
  • Alexander Verbovetsky (Moscow)
  • Gabriele Vezzosi (Florence), online
  • Gaetano Vilasi (Salerno)
  • Michael Vinogradov (Moscow)
  • Luca Vitagliano (Salerno), online
  • Raffaele Vitolo (Lecce)
  • Petr Vojčák (Opava)
  • Theodore Voronov (Manchester), online

Conference Expenses

There is no participation fee. The venue, conference material and coffee breaks are free.

The participants are supposed to pay for their travel, lodging, and meals.

A very limited financial support will be available to some participants upon request.

Location and Travel

The conference hall (Room 401, 4th floor) of the IUM, Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy Pereulok 11, Moscow

The working days of the conference: 13-17 December.

The arrival day is 12 December (Sunday). The departure day is 18 December (Saturday).


The participants are supposed to arrange their own hotel accommodation.


For the participants who need Russian entry visa we can arrange visa invitation letters.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, the invitations can be issued only to citizens and permanent residents of the countries listed here.

Citizens of other countries are advised to get in touch with the Russian Consulate in order to check if a conference invitation can be exempted from the above restriction.

Please email the organizers at amv-conf@gdeq.org the following information:

   Visa information:

  1. Surname / Family name (as in passport)
  2. First name, middle names, patronymic names (as in passport)
  3. Sex
  4. Nationality
  5. Date of birth
  6. Place of birth (country, town)
  7. Passport number
  8. Date of issue
  9. Date of expiry
  10. Permanent place of residence (country, region, town)
  11. Affiliation
  12. Your position at item 11.
  13. Detailed work address
  14. Phone number of item 13.
  15. The exact dates of your stay in Russia (if you have not decided on the exact dates yet, just specify the widest gap you are considering)
  16. A list of Russian cities you intend to visit (5 at most, Moscow included)
  17. The Russian consulate where you're going to apply for visa (it suffices to name the city)

+ copy of the passport (scanned version of the page with the photo)

!!! Attention!!! The passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months after visa expiration date

Because it takes time to arrange an invitation letter we should have all information from you the earliest time possible.

The accompanying persons can't be included to the visa invitation letters, so they should get tourist visas.

This page is constantly being updated.