Millionschikov D. Lie algebras of maximal class (abstract)

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Speaker: Dmitry Millionschikov

Title: Lie algebras of maximal class

Lie algebras of maximal class were introduced by Shalev and Zelmanov in late 90s. They can be thought of as infinite-dimensional analogs of filiform Lie algebras, which should be considered in the category of pro-nilpotent Lie algebras. We will discuss problems of classifying Lie algebras of maximal class, cohomology computations and applications. There is an interesting connection between Lie algebras of the maximum class and lamplighter groups, which have become a popular object of research in recent years.

Slides: MillionschikovAMVconf2021slides.pdf

Event: Diffieties, Cohomological Physics, and Other Animals, 13-17 December 2021, Moscow.
Alexandre Vinogradov Memorial Conference.