Special Issue in honour of Joseph Krasil'shchik 70th birthday

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This is a special collection of articles arising from the Conference "Local and Nonlocal Geometry of PDEs and Integrability" (8-12 October 2018, SISSA, Trieste, Italy) dedicated to the 70th birthday of Joseph Krasil'shchik


About this Special Issue

by Volodya Rubtsov, JGP Editor

All papers for the Special Issue in honour of Joseph Krasil'shchik 70th birthday which you can see on this page are published in the "Journal of Geometry and Physics" in 2019-2020. Usually, the Journal never publishes any Proceedings of Conferences and Workshops and accepts a publication of Special Issues in a form of "regular" articles along with the dates of its submissions. This papers pass the usual peer-reviewing process under the standards of the Journal. Special invited Guest Editors (together with one of Managing Editors of the JGP) are participate in the evaluation and handling process.

This Special Issue were prepared by the Guest Editors Valentin Lychagin, Alik Verbovetsky, Rafaelle Vitolo, and myself. The subject of it ("Geometry and Integrability of PDE's") is one of the most important and popular in the wide spectrum of the Journal optic.

My dear friend professor Joseph Krasil'shchik invested a lot both in this scientific area and, in particular, in the popularization of this direction in the JGP. He is not only an active author of many interesting and valuable articles published in the JGP, but also he was the Guest Editor of three Special Issues. Joseph is always careful and reliable referee. His serious and detailed reports helped a lot to the Editors in their decision, but in the same time are very helpful to the authors, especially, to young and novices.

I wish you, my dear Joseph, long life, excellent health and new wonderful results and beautiful papers (which, I hope, you will publish in our Journal!)