Seminar talk, 16 December 2020

From Geometry of Differential Equations
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Speaker: Igor Khavkine

Title: Killing compatibility complex on Kerr spacetime

The Killing operator on a Lorentzian spacetime plays an important role in General Relativity (GR): it generates infinitesimal gauge symmetries of the theory. Gauge symmetry invariants play the role of physical observables. In PDE language, this translates to the following: the components of a compatibility operator for generate all local observables for linearized GR on the background . In arXiv:1910.08756 we have explicitly constructed such a compatibility operator (indeed, a full compatibility complex) on the astrophysically interesting Kerr spacetime of a rotating black hole. I will motivate and explain our approach and describe the complexity of the construction.

Language: English

Slides: talk-ium.pdf