Kruglikov B. Integrability via Geometry (abstract)

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Speaker: Boris Kruglikov

Title: Integrability via Geometry

The title summarizes a long project in collaboration with Eugene Ferapontov, Vladimir Novikov, Maciej Dunajski, Boris Doubrov, David Calderbank. I will mainly talk on the work joint with David Calderbank that was initiated almost four years ago and that has been finished only recently. We prove that Lax integrability for dispersionless determined nondegenerate PDE in 3D and 4D with quadric characteristic variety is equivalent to respectively Einstein-Weyl or self-duality property of the conformal structure associated to the variety on every solution of the PDE.

Slides: KruglikovTrieste2018slides.pdf

Event: Local and Nonlocal Geometry of PDEs and Integrability, 8-12 October 2018, SISSA, Trieste, Italy.
The conference in honor of Joseph Krasil'shchik's 70th birthday.