Seminar Archive - Autumn 2015

From Geometry of Differential Equations
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Date Speaker Talk
9 September 2015 Joseph Krasil'shchik On nonlocal symmetries of the 3D rdDym equation
16 September 2015 Sergei Igonin On Darboux-Bäcklund transformations for PDEs and Miura type transformations for differential-difference equations
23 September 2015 Evgeny Beniaminov Gauge transformations and the Galileo invariance of the modified Kramers equation for waves processes in the phase space and quantum mechanics
30 September 2015 Alexander Verbovetsky On Lagrangianity of symplectic differential equations
7 October 2015 Alexey Samokhin On Burgers equation with a periodic boundary conditions on an interval
14 October 2015 Vladimir Chetverikov Terminal control via covering method
28 October 2015 Vladimir Rubtsov Monge-Ampère structures and the geometry of incompressible flows
11 November 2015 Joseph Krasil'shchik Recursion operators and bi-Hamiltonian structure of the general heavenly equation
18 November 2015 Alexei Kushner The Buckley–Leverett equation is integrable by quadratures
25 November 2015 Maxim Pavlov How to construct an integrable hydrodynamic chain (here integrability is understood as existence of infinitely many conservation laws or vanishing all components of the Haanties tensor) from an integrable 3-dimensional quasilinear second order equation (here integrability is understood as existence of so-called dispersionless Lax pair)
2 December 2015 Stanislav Minkov Construction of recursion operators for dispersionless integrable systems (work by Artur Sergyeyev)
9 December 2015 Valentin Lychagin Invariants of projective PSL_2-actions and their application to recognition of fingerprints
16 December 2015 Gerard Helminck Decompositions of the group G(2) and related integrable hierarchies
23 December 2015 Petr Pushkar Generating families in contact topology