Seminar Archive - Autumn 2001

From Geometry of Differential Equations
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Date Speaker Talk
19 December 2001 Vladimir Trushkov Group foliation and non-invariant solutions of the heavenly equation (after the paper by L. Martina, M.B. Sheftel, and P. Winternitz by the same title, J.Phys.A 34(2001), 9243-9263, arXiv:math-ph/0108004)
5 December 2001 Vladimir Chetverikov Secondary calculus framework for some control problems
28 November 2001 Arthemy Kiselev The variational bicomplex for hyperbolic second-order scalar partial differential equations in the plane (after the paper by I.M. Anderson and N. Kamran by the same title, Duke Math.J. 87(1997), 265-319, Ian Anderson's copy)
21 November 2001 Alexander Verbovetsky On Voronov complexes (after the paper by Hovhannes Khudaverdian and Theodore Voronov "On complexes related with calculus of variations", J.Geom.Phys. 44 (2002) 221-250, arXiv:math/0105223)
14 November 2001 Vladimir Chetverikov Symmetries of integro-differential equations: A survey of methods illustrated by the Benney equations (after the paper by N.H. Ibragimov, V.F. Kovalev, and V.V. Pustovalov by the same title, Nonlinear Dyn. 28 (2002) 135-153, arXiv:math-ph/0109012)
31 October 2001 Rostislav Polishchuk Nonlocal conservation laws in general relativity
24 October 2001 Alexander Verbovetsky Geometry of Voronov-Tyutin-Shakhverdiev operators
10 October 2001 Joseph Krasil'shchik On natural differential equations
3 October 2001 Sergey Dobrokhotov On the effects of the integrability of Hugoniot-Maslov chains for vortex singular equations