Seminar Archive - Autumn 2000

From Geometry of Differential Equations
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Date Speaker Talk
27 December 2000 Vladimir Trushkov Symmetries and conservation laws for some hydrodynamic systems
20 December 2000 Vladimir Chetverikov New flatness conditions for control systems
29 November 2000 Dmitry Khangulyan Jumping oscillator (after the paper by F. Pugliese, A. Vinogradov by the same title, arXiv:math/9902115)
22 November 2000 Alexander Verbovetsky On the geometry of singular Lagrangians (after the paper by F. Pugliese, A. Vinogradov by the same title, J.Geom.Phys. 35 (2000) 35-55, Alexandre Vinogradov's copy)
15 November 2000 Joseph Krasil'shchik On the integrability of homogeneous scalar evolution equations (after the paper by J.A. Sanders and J.P. Wang by the same title, J. Differential Equations 147 (1998), 410-434, doi:10.1006/jdeq.1998.3452)
1 November 2000 Vladimir Trushkov Scale symmetries of differential equations and Newton polyhedra (after the paper by A.D. Bruno "Self-similar solutions and power geometry", Russ.Math.Surv. 55 no.1 (2000), 1-42, 10.1070/RM2000v055n01ABEH000248, Russian original: Uspekhi Mat.Nauk 55 no.1 (2000) 3-44, Mi umn248)
25 October 2000 Arthemy Kiselev Hierarchies of evolution equations defined by Lax Equations, an overview of results Kazuhiro Kiso. Part 2